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2017 started brilliantly for the Americana Duo Kitchy Retro, with several sold out nights already, the White Rooms Gallery in Stanley, The Surf Café Tynemouth and the prestigious Prohibition Bar Newcastle.


With dates at Redhouse Newcastle for their pre EP launch and at the Cluny Newcastle for their Album Launch in August, Durham Walled Garden Festival Crossing th Tyne Festival Newcastle, UCLS Festival, August,  September the Barney Festival in October its shaping up to be a specular year for the dynamic duo Kitchy Retro



Mark Scott (Mr Retro)

Mark’s songwriting, while dealing with contemporary British subjects, draws heavily from his love of old time string bands and New Orleans Jazz allowing it to sit perfectly alongside the band’s contemporary arrangements of old time American classics.

His warm sincere and animated vocals bring a life and energy to the performance while his guitar style delivers a powerful, rhythmical beat punctuated with complex finger style melodies. 


Lucy Dawlish (Little Miss Kitchy)

Lucy’s bass guitar playing is reminiscent of the Dixieland Slap bass usually associated with the double bass.  Her style is Rhythmical Lively and underpins the fun and exciting songs she writes.Lucy is never one to hide in the background and she loves to play big walking bass lines, with her often take the lead and the melody lines in the band’s arrangements.

Lucy’s warm engaging personality shines through in both her bass lines and witty banter as she leads the audience through the performance and encouraging everyone to join in and have a great time.

Future Plans for kitchy Retro

KitchyRetro Americana Country Blues Duo


NEW ALBUM for 2018 - Quintisentially Americana

Colaberation with local musicians to produce a Gospel EP

Talking with Sunderland Collage about working with the students to produce a Music Video


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Daisy Roots EP

Available for download from all major download sites.

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