Kitchy Retro

Americana country blues Music 

Theatres & Festivals

Kitchy Retro have a very small stage footprint and dont require too much space or setting up.


2 x Vocal Mics  2 x Amp Mics 1 x Condensor Mic

1 x Guitar Amp 1 x Bass Amp power for pedal board

4 x Foldback Wedges

Full Tech Spech and Press Kit can be downloaded contact Us for access


Download Area






WEddings, FUnctions, Corperate Events

Our Speaker system caters for up to 700 people


From the Biggest Corperate event to the Smallest we done them all. From 50 person Afternoon Tea Party to a 700 Fundraiser and everything inbetween.

We have 3 PAs that we use depending on the venue and event size and we work with you and your time scale for the function your running.

We can be the queitest of quiets for thoes lovely welcoming moments whilst your guest are arriving, and then louder for center stage and dancing. 
Infact for weddings this ofen happens where we play an acoustic set while people are ariving at the church and then the full PA set for the reception.
Needless to say your Wedding Event or Function is in safe hands.

Pubs Club Bars & Resturants

Over 140 gigs a year


We ahve PAs for all size venues, and with over 140 gigs a year were prety experianced on the gig scene.

Our music is varied and offeres a good range of songs for all age groups and musical generes. Blues, Country, Jazz, are our main styles and we might even through in a little rock n roll too.

Our aundiences (your clients) always have a good time..

The Owner of Holystone in Newcastle said "you played so many song and everyone had a great time your definatly value for money"



Saving you time we have posters for you to download and print for your Venue.




Information for Promoters & Venues

Kitchy retro's show is Fun Quirky & Entertaining

The move through Blues and Country music with ease & especially enjoy "daisy" their new Single

John Phillps