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Daisy Roots EP

by Kitchy Retro

2017 Kitchy Retro © 2017 Lucy Dawlish - Cat# KRE17201 - LC 67124 - EAN 0761856459029

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The Daisy Roots EP Its fun, quirky and full of energy, & whilst it fully reflects Kitchy Retros’ love of music from the American  New York Jazz and New Orleans Blues music scene of the 1920s-40s, it is by no means dated. It has plenty of rhythm with a warm and inviting sound reminiscent of the 40s recordings studios. Great vocals and lead guitar By Lead singer Mark Scott and superb Slap Bass by Lucy Dawlish

Daisy Roots EP by Kitchy Retro

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Kitchy Retros modern take on the Americana music scene means their music is Vibrant, Funky and tells a story from American Roots to New Orleans jazz clubs. From the New York speakeasies to Louisiana cotton fields and the bluegrass sound of the Appalachian Mountains.

It’s obvious to see where they get their inspiration for their own songs like ‘Daisy’,’ Mr 78 Man’, ‘Onslow Street’ and their first single ‘The Banker’.

Their show combines Marks warm melt in your heart vocals and cool guitar riffs & Lucy’s big, modern & funky bass guitar style. Both styles are reminiscent of yesteryear yet modern and dynamic and well suited to the music they play. So its not surprising that Kitchy Retro are going from strength to strength and getting the following they do. There definitely ones to watch for the future. 






1 - Daisy

Daisy is a fun, high energy 1920s sounding Jazz song about being in love with a twist in the lyrics that will make you laugh. Written by Mark Scott & Lucy Dawlish

2 - 78 Man

High Energy 1920s sounding Jazz song, fun lyrical writing about ones journey on the 78 bus . With Lead guitar solos and a bit of a funky slap bass lines its a lot of fun – Written by Mark Scott & Lucy Dawlish

3 - Milwaukee Blues

Delta blues style with its sliding bass lines, dirty guitar licks & soulful vocals a truly modern twist on a great song originally written by Charlie Pools 1926 – Arrangement Lucy Dawlish & Mark Scott

4 - Watermelon

Kitchy Retro take on this song from the 1860s is almost Rockabilly in nature. Vibrant,  full of energy with massive walking bass lines and great blues guitar. – Arrangement Lucy Dawlish & Mark Scott

5 - St James Infirmary

Dirty Blues with a dynamic bass line leading the way for deep soulful vocals. Plenty of great lead breaks by both guitar and bass and truly modern take on a song from 1700s (there abouts) – Arrangement Lucy Dawlish & Mark Scott

gallery/the banker

The Banker (Mr Mr)

by Kitchy Retro

2014 Kitchy Retro © 2014 Lucy Dawlish - Cat# KRE17201 - LC 67124 - UPC 888174641317

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This Debut Single bursts to life from the moment you hit the play button. The percussive blend of acoustic guitar, electric bass and smooth male vocals will have you singing along in no time to this 'foot stompin' country tune with a great chorus.

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6 - Daisy (Radio Edit) 

Daisy but with a Club Beat great for the radio station with a more modern audience – right from the outset of writing this song Mark and Lucy could here this beat sitting in the background even though it wasn’t.  a Fun addition to Kitchy Retro’s repertoire 


Daisy Roots EP

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